Biologique Recherche in Tampa, FL

ÉLAN Aesthetics is proud to be an authorized retailer of Biologique Recherche skin care products, a high-end skincare line not available online. We offer these effective skin care solutions at our practice in Hyde Park, where we welcome patients from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the nearby areas of Florida.

What is Biologique Recherche?

Biologique Recherche is an exceptional skincare brand backed by a clinical approach. By using concentrated formulas of pure ingredients, Biologique Recherche has built a reputation of astounding results with at-home skin care regimens for the face, hair and body. Products are made with botanical, marine and biological extracts, ensuring natural, high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, all products are carefully formulated without artificial fragrances, which preserves the structure and efficacy of each formula.

What Biologique Recherche Products are Available?

As an authorized retailer of Biologique Recherche skincare products, ÉLAN Aesthetics is proud to offer the following products to our clients:


Cleansers are at the core of any skin care regimen. Biologique Recherche programs begin with a cleanser, which is used to remove makeup, pollution and anything else that might affect the skin throughout the day. These products prepare the skin for complementary skincare products, ensuring optimal results. Biologique Recherche are designed to be used in the morning and at night, and will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed.


Botanical cleansing milk

Lait U gently removes makeup thanks to a formulation containing plant oils. It safeguards the barrier function of the epidermis by protecting skin’s hydrolipidic film. Its light and fresh formula allows your skin to breathe, with no oily film left behind. Recommended for young Skin Instants© that are not particularly sensitive, combination, and/or prone to seborrhea.


Moisturizing cleansing milk with cellular extracts

A makeup remover that also moisturizes and protects, Lait E.V. is perfectly in harmony with epidermis. Its active ingredients maintain the integrity of the barrier function and protect skin from drying out. As well as providing nourishment and suppleness, the fluid gently removes impurities from the skin while keeping dryness at bay. Skin is cleansed, pure and healthy. Recommended for dehydrated Skin Instants© that have lost vitality.


Oxygenating and anti-pollution cleanser

Lait VIP O2 is the anti-pollution cleanser, purifying the skin of tiny polluting particles that are sometimes even smaller than the pores on the face. Its deep-down cleansing action will remove the urban pollutants that accumulate on the skin’s surface. Pristine again, skin regains its natural radiance and the complexion lights up with a fresh glow. Recommended for asphyxiated and dull Skin Instants©.


Multi-phase makeup remover for the eyes

Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux is a lotion that effectively dissolves and removes eye makeup, even stubborn waterproof products. It's oil-free, with a soothing formula that’s gentle on the delicate area around the eyes. Recommended for all Skin Instants©.


Soothing micellar water for the face

Eau micellaire Biosensible combines moisturizing, toning and soothing properties with effective gentle cleansing, to remove makeup and impurities without destabilizing the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Recommended for sensitive, reactive or damaged Skin Instants©.


Biologique Recherche balancing exfoliators contain ingredients that help accelerate the body’s natural exfoliation and healing processes. They also strengthen the skin to help improve the body’s self-healing abilities. Designed to be used both morning and night, Biologique Recherche exfoliators simultaneously exfoliate, moisturize, and regulate sebum excretion to minimize oily skin.


Exfoliating and purifying lotion for the face

A cornerstone of Biologique Recherche’s method of epidermal reconditioning, Lotion P50 is a multifunctional lotion that exfoliates, cleanses, and purifies the epidermis, helping it maintain its acid pH balance. With daily gentle purification, the skin becomes mattified and regenerated. Recommended for Skin Instants© that are prone to seborrhea and/or keratinized.


Enriched exfoliating and purifying lotion for the face

Lotion P50V is a vitamin-enriched exfoliating lotion that gently purifies, mattifies, moisturizes and rebalances the pH of the epidermis. Recommended for Skin Instants© that are lacking in vitality and/or tone.