Filler Corrections in Tampa, FL

Filler Corrections & Reversal

Many clients come to ÉLAN Aesthetics seeking help to correct fillers injected elsewhere. Making adjustments to misplaced fillers requires expertise in facial anatomy as well as an artistic eye. Filler correction is one of the most common procedures that ÉLAN Aesthetics offers. Each treatment includes evaluation of the area, strategic injection of additional filler to help balance the area, or injecting Hylenex, which is used to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers that have been placed incorrectly, unevenly or in excess. Dissolving of filler make require 3 treatments depending on the severity of filler results.

You do not need to live with filler that you are unhappy with!

Filler Corrections in Tampa, FL

What to Expect During Filler Correction at ÉLAN Aesthetics?

We know that most clients do not plan on ever having their filler dissolved. However, it is important for clients to realize that correcting misplaced, or over injected filler is an important step to achieving the perfect results that they come to ÉLAN Aesthetics to receive. The dissolving of filler may require 3 treatments depending on the severity of filler migration.  Once dissolved, the area can be treated again with filler, using a specific technique and product to achieve the desired outcome. ÉLAN Aesthetics specializes in filler corrections and the injectors are proud to have trained across the globe in special techniques that provide the most natural-looking, youthful results for our clients.

How Much Does Filler Correction Cost?

The cost of filler correction & reversal starts at $200 per treatment. The total cost of your treatment will vary depending on the extent of treatment needed to help you achieve your desired results. The dissolving of filler may require 3 treatments depending on the severity of filler results. We will be happy to provide you with a more detailed estimate of your treatment cost and answer any questions you may have during your complimentary consultation. 

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