Sculptra® in Tampa, FL

Sculptra® is unique and unlike any other dermal filler on the market today. This long-lasting injectable can reduce your unwanted signs of aging or recontour your face or body with results that last for up to two years at a time. With more than 15 years of combined experience, the team of professionals at ÉLAN Aesthetics finds the importance and balance in The Art & Science of Beauty. We are proud to offer Sculptra® treatments in our luxurious, boutique medical spa setting to residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, FL.

Sculptra® in Tampa, FL

What is Sculptra®?

With age, the skin's natural collagen supply decreases and some start to notice wrinkles and facial aging. Sculptra® Aesthetics activates the skin's natural regenerative process and helps replenish lost collagen, the most common protein found in the body that supports cells and tissue. This FDA-approved injectable subtly and gradually over time helps restore the underlying structure of the skin, creating natural facial volume. With results appearing gradually over three to four months, this subtle enhancement will produce a natural well-rested appearance. Sculptra® is not only used in the face to stimulate collagen production. Sculptra® is also used to smooth cellulite, enhance the shape and size of the buttocks, and tighten the skin in the face, neck, stomach, chest, as well as many other areas.

What are the Benefits of Sculptra®?

There are many benefits to receiving Sculptra® treatments with the medical professionals at ÉLAN Aesthetics, including:

  • Rejuvenates the face by adding volume to areas such as the cheeks, jawline, and temples
  • Stimulates bodies own production of collagen for long-lasting results
  • Builds over time to give a natural and refreshed look
  • Can be used on face and body
  • improves the appearance of loose and sagging skin
  • Enhances overall shape and size of the butt
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite on the butt and thighs
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Minimal recovery period

How is Sculptra® Administered?

All of our Sculptra® treatments are performed in our beautiful medical spa by one of our expert team members. Our medical professionals will discuss with you the details regarding the area(s) that you would like to improve and make recommendations appropriate for you. A medical professional will then strategically and carefully place Sculptra® injections into the treatment area. A typical Sculptra® treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Sculptra® is a minimally invasive treatment, therefore clients typically return to their normal daily activities - including work, immediately following their appointment.

What Results Can I Expect from Sculptra®?

Immediately following your Sculptra® treatment, you may experience some swelling, tenderness, and bruising in your treated area. This is normal and typically subsides on its own within a few days of treatment. While you may experience some benefits of Sculptra® immediately following your appointment, the active ingredients take several weeks to take effect in the body and produce desired results. Sculptra®'s special formula allows our patients to see their desired results improve over time.

Am I a Good Candidate for Sculptra®?

If you're looking for a minimally invasive treatment to smooth away unwanted signs of aging, tighten loose skin around the body, minimize your cellulite or enhance your buttocks, Sculptra® may be right for you. The best way to find out if Sculptra® is right for you is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members. During your complimentary private consultation, we will be happy to listen to your concerns and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you reach all of your aesthetic goals.

How Much Does Sculptra® Cost?

The total cost of your Sculptra® treatment will vary depending on the extent of treatment needed to help you achieve your desired results. We will be happy to provide you with a more detailed estimate of your treatment cost and answer any questions you may have during your complimentary consultation.

ÉLAN Aesthetics, located in the heart of Tampa, is happy to offer non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments in a state-of-the-art, boutique facility to residents of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and neighboring communities in Florida. Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one complimentary consultation with one of our expert team members.